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Mr. Bhushan Jain

Mr. Bhushan Jain, the Managing Director of the company is a doyen of the automobile trade. He has five decades of experience in marketing automotive components and is the leading light for the Company. His knowledge of various markets & management of financial affairs is respected by our principals, customers & competitors alike.

Mr. Sanjay Jain

Mr. Sanjay Jain, an MBA from IIM Calcutta with a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi, is a Director of the Company. He has been in the business for over twenty years. His systems approach has led to the Company keeping abreast of the needs for the market, adapt to the rapidly changing environment & legislations and making opportunities out of challenges.

Mr. Ashish Jain

Mr. Ashish Jain, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from DCE, is a Director of the Company. He is directly responsible for marketing, control & coordination of the business. He has been in the business for nearly twenty years. His knowledge of the marketplace has all the Company’s Principals in awe. He is hands on and never puts off for tomorrow what can be done or decided today.

Mr. Atishay Jain

Mr. Atishay Jain, is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, USA and is a Director of the Company. He is responsible for new initiatives including the digitisation of the company's processes and other online initiatives. He is passionate about cars and has valuable global experiece in working with the likes of Cummins, Delphi and Getrag in Europe, the US and in India.